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Managing deals gets easier when you have the deals that you are looking for. Freshsales helps you achieve this by allowing you to use filters on your deals. Filters work well in the List view and also in the Funnel view

Here's how you apply filters,

  1. Login to Freshsales and click the Deals tab.
  2. Click the List view button. 
  3. Under Filter, choose the fields you'd like to use and enter the filter criteria.

  4. You can also add more fields by clicking Add field and selecting the fields from the drop down list that appears.

  5. Click Apply when you're done.
  6. If you'd like to view the filtered results as a pipeline, click the Funnel view button.

  7. The filters can be modified and added only in the List view. If you're viewing the deals in the Funnel view and would like to edit the filter criteria, switch to the List view, make the changes, apply the filter and then view the results in the Funnel view
You can also sort these results in the ascending or descending order by their Value, Expected closing date, Stage and by their time of creation and updation and save them as custom views.

You can add filter criteria and save them as a custom view only in the List view.