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If you have a Zoho mail account and would like to receive emails from that account inside Freshsales, you can do so by setting up auto forward for your Zoho email address. 

Here's how you do it,

  1. Login to Freshsales.
  2. Click your profile picture and select Profile settings
  3. In the Edit Profile page, scroll to the bottom. You'd find an email address that goes like listed below Forward your emails to. This is your Freshsales email address. Any email sent or forwarded to this address would be fetched inside your Freshsales account. Click the Copy button to copy this address onto your clipboard.
  4. Now, login to your Zoho mail account.
  5. Click Settings and select the Mail Settings tab. You'd find a list of categories with specific topics listed under them.
  6. Under the category Access old version for, click Email forwarding and POP/IMAP.

  7. You'd be directed to the Email forwarding and POP/IMAP page. Under Email forwarding
    1. Click Add email address. In the popup that appears, paste your Freshsales email address (the one that you had copied previously). Click Add to add the address.

    2. Next, you'd need to verify your email address to complete the setup. Click Verify to receive an email with the verification code from Freshsales. (Only the Account Administrators receive this email.)

    3. You'd be prompted to enter the verification code in a popup. 

    4. Copy the code from the email sent by Freshsales which has Zoho Mail : Email forwarding confirmation in its subject line and paste the code in the verification popup.

    5. Click Confirm to complete the setup.