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Freshsales for Web is a collection of libraries in different languages that you can use to integrate your website and web app with your Freshsales account. The libraries, once installed, capture website visitors as leads and contacts, tracks their activities, pages viewed and updates their information in real time in Freshsales.


The following are the libraries available in Freshsales, 

  1. Javascript
  2. Ruby
  3. Java
  4. PHP
  5. Python

Here’s what you can do with them,

Capture website visitors as leads and contacts

You can use the library to create visitors as leads or contacts in Freshsales when they submit their email address. It could be through sign up forms, blog subscriptions, webinar registrations etc.

Tracking activities

Using the library you can create events and track a lead or contact’s response to the events. For example, you might want to know if the leads are actively using your product during their trial, if they’ve invited other team members, if they’ve enabled/disabled integrations etc. You can create events for the same, and learn about the activities of the leads/contacts in their details page in Freshsales.

Track pages viewed

If you want to know which pages your leads and contacts frequent the most, the libraries come in handy. You’d have to pick the pages you want to track specifically, install the library on your website and web app and then configure a lead score for each page. The pages they view can be found listed under their Recent Activities in their respective details page.

Update lead/ contact information

You can use the libraries to collect additional information on the lead or contact through web forms. Sometimes the only information you might have on leads and contacts are their email addresses. If they fill a web form that has fields for say their first and last name, company name, designation etc. the libraries would push this data to their individual records in Freshsales thus updating their information. 

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