Freshsales offers a free plan called Sprout for businesses who want to cut costs or own a very small sales team. The Sprout plan can only be used for a maximum of 10 users and 10000 records that includes leads, contacts, accounts and deals tabs, built-in phone and email, basic lead scoring, standard reports and also allows you to integrate with Freshdesk.

Here’s how you do it,

  1. Login to Freshsales as an Administrator.
  2. Go to Admin Settings > Account Settings > Plans & Billing. You can find a table that displays your current plan, the next billing date and time, your billing cycle,  the number of active users, the total number of seats (users) along with your payment method (credit card number). 
  3. Under Modify Plan, choose Sprout by clicking the Select Plan button below it. In the dialog box that appears, hit Yes to confirm.

Note: When you downgrade your plan to Sprout, data associated with features in your current plan would be lost if the same features aren’t available in Sprout.