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When you’ve sent an email campaign or invited prospects to a conference over the phone, you might want to connect with those who’ve responded to your email or returned your call. You might also want to know those who’ve not responded to your email. In Freshsales, you can filter records by the status of the emails you send to them and also by the calls you make and receive.

Here’s how you do it,

  1. In the Leads list view page, choose the field Last contacted mode under Filter. If you’d like to filter contacts or accounts select the Contacts or Accounts tab.
  2. In the Last Contacted mode drop down, select the filter criteria from the following choices,
    1. Replied - Lists the leads who’ve replied to your last email.
    2. No Reply - Lists the leads who’ve not replied to your last email.
    3. Incoming Call - Lists the leads who’ve called you.
    4. Outgoing Call - Lists the leads whom you’ve called.
    5. Opened but no reply - Lists the leads who’ve read your last email but haven’t replied yet.
  3. Click the field Last contacted and choose a time period from the list. Any choice from the drop down is related to the time of the lead or contact's latest email (or phone) activity. Say when you apply the filter Replied and choose the time period as Last 7 days, all the recipients who've replied to any of your emails in the last 7 days are listed. 
  4. Click Apply when you’re done.

You can save the filter criteria as a custom view. Learn more about creating custom views