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The Conversations tab lists all the email and phone conversations you have had with your prospects and customers. Rather than scrolling through unorganized emails in your mailbox, views organizes and sorts your conversations, helping you find and act on them quickly. Emails are not only sorted but are also categorised based on their status. 

You can know if your emails have been read, if the links attached have been clicked, the number of times they were clicked and also if the emails have reached your prospects or not.

The views in Conversations are grouped under 4 categories. They are

  1. Email
  2. Bulk Emails
  3. Email Activities
  4. Phone

Each of these categories have related views that help you manage your conversations better.


  1. Awaiting Response:

This view displays all the messages (emails and voicemails) you’ve received from your leads and contacts, that need your immediate attention. After you’ve read an email, you can either hit Mark as done, Reply to it, Forward or Delete it. When you hit Mark as done, the email no longer appears in this filter and can be viewed only in your Inbox. Likewise, after you’ve listened to a voicemail you can call them back  and if the number is new you can create a new lead or contact for the same.

Note: If you have set up the same email for team inbox, the incoming emails will not land here.

       2. Inbox: 

It’s no different from your mailbox. You can view all your unread and read emails here.

       3. Sent: 

If you’d like to view all the emails sent by you (inclusive of bulk emails), this view comes in handy. Scheduled bulk and individual emails are displayed here after they’ve been sent at the stipulated time. 

       4. Scheduled:

This view lists all emails (inclusive of bulk emails) that have been scheduled to be sent at a later date and time.  

       5. Drafts:

All emails (inclusive of bulk emails) that are left incomplete before they are sent are saved as drafts and can be found here.

       6. Trash:

All emails that have been deleted can be found here. You can reply and forward emails from this view. You can also select emails and Move them to the Inbox or Delete them permanently. 

       7. Email Templates:

This view lists all the email templates created by you or shared with you. You can add, edit and delete templates from this view.


       1. Scheduled: 

If you’d like to see your bulk emails that are scheduled to be sent at a desired time, this view gives you the specifics. 

       2. Drafts: 

All bulk emails that are left incomplete before they are sent are saved as bulk drafts and can be found here.

Email Activities

  1. Opens:
This view lists all the emails that were opened by your recipients. You can hover on the tag opened to know the recipients and when the emails were opened by them. 
       2. Clicks:
This view lists all the emails whose links were clicked by the recipients. You can hover on the tag clicked to know the recipients, when and how many times the emails were opened by them.
       3. Bounces:
This view lists all the emails that failed to reach the recipients. 


       1. All phone calls: 

View all the phone calls you’ve received, made and missed from this view. Additionally, you get to create individual tasks and appointments for phone conversations of existing leads or contacts, after you’ve heard them. 

       2. Voicemail: 

When you’d like to listen to your voicemails, this is the view you use. It displays voicemails you have received. Again, you can add tasks and appointments if the voicemails are from existing leads/contacts or create new leads/contacts if the voicemails belong to new prospects.

Note: If you are assigned to a territory, you get to view the call logs, call recordings and voicemails from the numbers that belong to your territory.