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Tracking emails help you determine the engagement level of your customers and prospects with your company, and to identify the ones who are most interested in what you are selling. 

You’d know if the emails you send from Freshsales have been read, links in the emails have been clicked and also if and when emails get bounced. 

When you enable tracking, the emails are tracked and labeled as follows,

  1. Opened - Emails that have been read.
  2. Clicked - Links in the email that have been clicked.
  3. Bounced - Emails that weren’t delivered.

To enable email tracking, 

  1. Click your profile photo and select Profile settings
  2. In the Email Settings page, select the Track opens and clicks checkbox.
  3. Click Save.

Now on, the emails that you send from Freshsales are automatically tracked. You can find the emails along with their status in the Conversations tab, and under Recent Conversations of a record. To know more details about the status of the emails, hover on the tag. 

If you don’t want to track an email, simply disable the Track email checkbox from the compose window.