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The emails that you send to your prospects might have via appear in the from address when they receive it. If you want to hide this in your emails, it is highly recommended that you add DKIM records to your domain. The addition of DKIM records helps in delivering the emails properly and also ensures that the email tracking feature on Freshsales works with better accuracy.

Different mailboxes require different configuration steps to be followed.

To add and verify your email domain in Freshsales,

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Domain Verification > Click the Add domain button

  1. In the ADD DOMAIN box that appears, type in the name of your domain, and click Add.

  1. In the Domain list section where your newly created domain appears, click the View DNS record button.

  1. The CNAME records along with their host name and value appear.

  2. Go to your domain registrar's website. You can find your DNS provider using Whois service

  3. Login to the domain control panel. 

  4. Open your DNS configuration settings.

  5. Find the page for updating your domain's DNS records. You can find it under DNS records, DNS Zone file, Advanced DNS or something similar.

  6. Add the following records.













  1. Once the records are added, in Freshsales, click Verify to verify the DNS records.

  1. Once a DNS record is verified, you will receive a success message and the status of the record will change from ‘Not verified’ to ‘Verified’.

Note: If there are more than one verified domains, click on the Set as default button to assign a particular domain as the default domain.

  1. Once all the records are verified your domain will have the status as ‘Verified’ in the domain list view.


  1. Only when all your domains are verified will you be able to add a new domain.

  2. All emails are sent from Freshsales’ native email service.

  3. If you have already verified your domain via your DNS provider, you will have to re-verify your DKIM records with Freshsales, as we have upgraded our email service for better email deliverability and anti-spam checks. 

  4. To add a new domain, you can either edit and verify the existing domains or delete existing domains and add them again.