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Cloning an account, opens an overlay with the account’s data pre-filled in all the account fields. You can edit some of the values in the fields and save the cloned account as a new account. This saves you from manually entering data when accounts share similar information such as, belonging to the same city, having the same number of employees etc.

You can also delete accounts in a jiffy either in bulk or individually. 

To clone an account,

  1. Click an account to visit the account’s details page and select the More icon.
  2. Choose the Clone option.
  3. In the Clone account overlay, edit the desired fields.
  4. Hit Save once you’re done.

The account is added as a new account and can be found in the Accounts list view page.

To delete an account,

  1. Click an account to visit the account’s details page and select the More icon.
  2. Choose the Delete option.
  3. In the dialog box that appears, click Yes to confirm.

You can also Clone and Delete accounts from the accounts list view page by clicking the More icon beside the field Last accounted.

What if I want to delete my accounts in bulk?

If you wish to delete your accounts in bulk, you can now do the same on Freshsales with no hassle. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. On your Freshsales account, go to the settings panel and click on the Accounts button.

  2. On your Accounts page, click on the Checkboxes associated with the accounts that you wish to delete. This allows you select multiple accounts and carry out actions on the same.

  3. Once you click on the Checkboxes, you will be provided with a variety of actions to carry out on the accounts that you have selected.

  4. Click on the  Delete button to delete your Accounts.
    But what happens to my data? Is it lost?

    Answer: NO.. 
    You can opt to retain all related data when you delete your account. As soon as you hit upon the Delete button, you will be presented with a dialog box.
    If you don’t want to retain any data related to your accounts, select the box. This ensures that all data related to your accounts are deleted.

            Leaving the box Unchecked leaves all your related contacts and deals intact and keeps them in the system.

  5. Upon successful deletion of your account, you will be presented with a Success message.