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When companies express an interest in your product/service, the representatives of the companies you engage with become your contacts while the companies become accounts.  Freshsales offers the following methods to bring your accounts inside your CRM.

Ways to add accounts manually


     1. Using the Quick Add button

With the Quick Add button, new  accounts are a click away. Clicking the + Account button opens an overlay that lets you fill the account’s information. As this button is permanently placed on the Quick Actions bar, you can access it from anywhere in Freshsales and add accounts real quick.

      2. Importing accounts from a .CSV file

When your accounts are documented in a sheet from tradeshows or conferences, import them to Freshsales by converting the sheet into a .CSV file. You can import contacts along with their accounts by making sure your CSV file has a column with the names of the companies of your contacts. The contacts are imported and associated with the related accounts in Freshsales. 

     3. During lead conversion

When you convert qualified leads, if the newly converted contact has a company associated, it is recorded as an account in Freshsales.

Ways to automatically capture accounts

    1. Using Freshsales for Web library

If website visitors are added as contacts after they fill out a web form (signup forms, subscription forms and so on) on your website, their company information from the web form is used to create an account in Freshsales via the Freshsales for Web library on your website. 

Freshsales for Web is only available in Estate.