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When you add a user, you must define what a user can see and do within your Freshsales account. The level of record access (i.e., the leads, contacts, accounts and deals) which the user is allowed to view is called Scope, and the kind of activities that the user can do in your CRM is called Roles. When you use Roles and Scope together, you can achieve what you want in terms of access control and permissions.


By default, Freshsales lets you choose between 3 scopes for your team. 

  • Global access: Allow users to view all the records in their Freshsales account. 
  • Territory access: Allow users to view only the records in their territory and the ones assigned to them.
  • Restricted access: Allow users to view only the records assigned to them. 

The default scope selected for a user would be ‘Global access’ but you can change the scope anytime. 


By default, Freshsales has 4 roles using which you can control the user’s access within your Freshsales.

  • User: Can create, edit and delete records, list views, notes, tasks, appointments and conversations. Import records, make and receive calls, and send emails (including bulk emails). 
  • Manager: Can do all user related activities including accessing reports, but cannot access the administrator settings.   
  • Administrator: Can do all the manager related activities and can access the administrator settings, but cannot access the account or billing related information.
  • Account Administrator: Has complete control over Freshsales including the account and billing related information.

For example, you can assign a role to the user to create records and access admin configurations, and set their scope specifying which records they can view. So you can set the scope to just view the records assigned to them, but also give complete control over all the configurations and setup in your Freshsales account.  

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