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You can add users to your Freshsales account and assign roles and scopes to them. Roles define the activities they get to do while scope restricts their record access. 

To add a user:

  1. Login to your Freshsales portal as an administrator.
  2. Go to Admin settings > Users & Permissions> Users.

  3. Here, you can view the user list through an enhanced and a more intuitive user interface. To create a new user, click the Add User button

  4. In the Add user overlay, enter the following details:
  • Full Name: The user’s full name. It’s mandatory to enter this field. 
  • Email: The user’s email address. (You cannot alter the email address once saved).
  • Job Title: The user’s designation in your company. 
  • Work: The user’s official phone number.
  • Mobile: The user’s personal number.
  • Time zone: The current timezone of the user.
  • My Pipeline: The user preferred pipeline that is displayed as default pipeline in the Deals funnel view.



       6. Assign a role to the user i.e., define the activities that the user can do within the CRM.


      7. Click Save when you’re done.

When you add a user for the first time, the user receives an email to activate their Freshsales account. On activating their email, they’d be prompted to reset their password after which they can start working on records. 

You can always change a user’s details by clicking the Edit icon beside the user from the list view page.