Once you’ve completed a task, you can mark the task as complete to differentiate your pending and overdue tasks from the tasks you’ve completed. It also helps others know the status of the tasks. 

To mark a task as complete,

  1. Go to My Appointments & Tasks > Tasks.
  2. Your Open Tasks that are due today are displayed by default. You can view the tasks that are overdue and those that are due tomorrow by clicking the respective radio buttons.
  3. Select a task and click the checkbox beside it to mark it as complete. 

  4. To view your completed tasks, select the Completed Tasks radio button. 
  5. To reopen a completed task, simply uncheck the checkbox of the completed task. The task would then become Open and can be found under the view Open tasks.

  6. You can also mark a task as complete from the details page of a lead, contact and account by clicking Tasks and then selecting the checkbox beside the desired task.

        6. You can view your completed tasks from the details page too by clicking View all completed tasks