Salespeople often use social media to find and chat with potential customers. To ensure your CRM has all the needed social media information for each prospect, Freshsales can automatically fill in some details from publicly available information. However, this can also be done manually. Here's how to add social media fields to a contact/lead in Freshsales.

Adding Social Media Profiles

When importing contacts/leads or manually adding them to Freshsales, you can now include social media profile information:

  1. Simply input the social media profile URLs in the respective fields. For example, when adding a contact/lead, enter their username if they have a Facebook profile. For instance, if the Facebook URL is “” enter naveenbaskaran, and the CRM automatically links to their Facebook profile.
  2. You can also enter the entire URL “” while adding or importing contacts, and the CRM will still be able to link to their social media pages automatically.

3. The profile will be automatically hyperlinked if you add the correct username or URL of the contact's social media profile, and you will be able to access their social handles.