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Workflow audits allow you to understand the effectiveness of a workflow by breaking down the actions that were performed successfully or failed. You can view the actions executed and the impacted records for each workflow. This helps you understand how workflows boost your team productivity by automating everyday tasks. You can also keep an eye on workflows that require modifications in case of failure or technical issues. 

Here’s how you can audit your existing workflows:

1. Head over to Workflows from Admin Settings.

2. In the list of workflows, you can view active and inactive workflows.

3. From the Actions Executed column, click on “View history” to view the workflow's list of successful and unsuccessful actions.

4. In the Action History overlay, you can view the list of actions and its status and filter them by time period. 

5. You can also search for a particular record in the search section. 

6. For unsuccessful actions, you can view the failure reason and take steps to update the workflow/record.