Scope of the document:


  • Sample haystack logs to be searched for the errors.
  • Workflow use cases to deflect internal L2s.
  • Expected behaviors.

  1. “Send email” Action to the owner of the related Contact/Account/Deal in the “Call logs” module workflow: 

  1. Since the workflow is created for Call logs, the "send email to owner" action will be sending an email to the owner of the call log 

  2. If the customer wants to send an email to the owner of the related record then we can implement the below alternate solution,

    1.  From the Call log workflow, trigger webhook to update a field (example field name "Test field") in the related contact

    2. Setup a new workflow in the contacts module to send an email to the owner whenever the field "Test field" is updated.

    3. The reason we need to trigger webhook is that we do not support cross-module cascading of workflows.

  1. Cross Module Cascading workflow will not execute.

  2. Send Email to contact” action did not execute.

    1.  If the “From address is Record Owner” and if the contact does not have a sales owner the Email will not be sent. Make sure the record has the Sales owner.

  3. Task did not create via workflow: Record ID - 13016857431; Workflow Id - 13000084937.

    1. Search the logs for “13000084937” AND “13016857431”.

    2. Search for the JID of the action specified. Here the action is “Create a task”.

    3. Now generate the logs using the above JID and search for “error” or go through the sequence of the actions performed from the start. In this example, we have an error in Create task. So, an L2 can be raised.

  1.  The sales owner field is not visible in the dropdown option in the “Actions to be executed” section.

    1. Check if the customer has marked the “sales owner field” as the “Read-only” field.

    2. Only Editable fields will be displayed in Workflow.

    3. if the customer does not want his users to have access to edit this field then the customer will have to upgrade to the higher plan where we have the Field permissions feature.

  2. The workflows will not trigger if the update is done through another automation. Only the updates done through the user will trigger the workflow.

  3. Unable to access workflow. 

    1. If the customer is unable to access the workflow with the error "Unexpected error occurred", please get the JID from the customer in the Network logs.

    2. Search the JID in the logs to generate the Results.

    3. Raise to L2.

  4. Updates made via workflow.

    1. You can check for the keyword “source_additional_info” to check the source of the updates made to any field.

    2. In the below example, we can see that the “Contact Status” field changes have been updated via “workflow automation”.

  5. Cloning of workflow.

    1. When we switch the trigger criteria from "event-based" to "time-based" or vice-versa while cloning, the added conditions, and actions in the form will be removed and the logic type of the conditions will be reset to "OR", just like how it will be in the new add WFA form.