With the Analytics support for Products module, you can get insights into what the best-selling products are, how deal performance improves with associated products, and more. To create a product-based report, we have introduced deal line items.

What are deal line items?

Deal line items are the products that you have added to your deal. For instance, in the below deal, we have added two products, Gold Pro and Platinum Pro. Each product is a deal line item. A field that characterizes the product, for instance, the unit price is referred to as the property. You can create product-related reports for deal line items based on their properties. 

You can get insights into total sales by product, total quantities of product sold, product performance by industry, and more. Here’s an example of a report to view total review by product using deal line items. 

Product dashboard

From the Analytics module, you can access the product dashboard. The dashboard has the following sample reports that help you get insights into product revenue and sales reports. 

  • Total sales by product 
  • Total quantities of product sold
  • Product performance report by industry
  • Total deals by product
  • Total deals in the pipeline for product
  • New customers per product in the last quarter

You can also create custom reports related to products. Learn more about creating custom reports.