1. What are the default views?
    Upon navigating to either the Products module or the Documents module, you would be able to find three predefined views. 

  • All Products/All documents: All the products or documents present in the CRM can be accessed from this view.

  • My Products/ My documents: The Products or documents owned specifically by you can be accessed in this view.

  • Recycle Bin: The Products and documents which are deleted can be seen under this view. Also, the Products/ Documents remain here for 90 days before they are permanently deleted.


  1. How to filter my products and documents?

The products present in the system can be filtered by applying desired conditions from the funnel icon present at the top right corner. In order to easily access these filtered entities and avoid applying the conditions every time, these filters can be saved as a View as well. 

  1. From where can we add a document to a deal/contact?
    To add a document to a deal or contact, navigate to the Documents module, click on Add document and select the records from “Primary Contact”/ “Account”/ “Deal”. The document can be added only to existing Contacts, Accounts or Deals. The system wouldn’t allow the user to add/create a new record from here. 

  1. Can we restrict access to users for the CPQ module?
    Yes, please navigate to Admin settings → Roles and select the role to manage the restriction. Further, disable the Documents or Products module to restrict their access. The scope of access can also be defined here. 

  2. What happens to the document if the related contact/deal is deleted?

The deletion of the contact or deal will not affect the document in any way. The document would remain intact and only the value in the “Primary Contact”/ “Account”/ “Deal” fields will be erased. 

  1. Can we create a report for documents?

 Currently, we would not be able to create reports for documents. 

  1. What are the basic actions that can be performed on a saved document?

All the documents can be viewed in the Documents module. Upon selecting a particular document from the module, you would be able to
(a) Edit all the data in the fields for this particular document. 

(b) View the Recent activities performed on the document right from its creation.

(c) Track various stages of the document. 

            (d) Send across the documents to your clients.


  1. I have added a product to one of the deals and I am no longer able to edit the deal value. How can I do this?

Once a product has been added to a deal, the deal value is calculated based on the product price and it becomes uneditable. Further, you can go ahead and increase or decrease the quantity and also add discounts to the price. The changes will be automatically captured in the deal value. 

  1. I have enabled the products module and added all the products in the CRM as well. But I am unable to see the Products module icon in the Deal’s landing page. Why?

After the Products module is enabled, and all the products are added, please ensure that you have selected the “Add products to deals” option under  Admin settings → CPQ settings. Once this option is selected, the products module icon will appear in the deal’s landing page.

  1. I have bought the CPQ license but I am unable to access the feature anywhere in the CRM. Why?
    Once the licenses are bought, the Account Admins/Admins would have to assign these licenses to roles in order to make use of it. The add-on can be enabled by navigating to Admin settings → Roles → Edit role (against the role for which CPQ has to be enabled) → Enable CPQ add-on for this role. 

The CPQ add-on can be enabled only on a role basis and to enable it for a particular role, the number of licenses should be greater than or equal to the number of users in that role. After the add-on is enabled for a role, all the users under that role would be able to access the CPQ add-on. 

  1. I have enabled the Documents module and I am trying to add a document. It asks me to add a template and I am unable to find an option to create one. How do I do it?

Please ensure that the “Manage document templates” permission is given to the particular role. Please navigate to Admin settings → Roles → Under “Admin settings” enable  “Manage document templates”. 

Once this is done, you would be able to view “Document Templates” under Configure Price Quote (CPQ) (Admin settings)  to create various templates. 

  1. I have added a few placeholders in the document template and when I preview the document, I am unable to view data in its place. Why? 
    While adding a document template to a document, if the data in that particular field added as a placeholder is empty for the contact, then there wouldn't be any data visible in its place.  

    For example:
    I am adding the document template and selecting the related contact as Michelle Jane. I have three placeholders for the fields, “Contact full name”, “Contact Owner name”, “Client field 1”. Upon checking the preview, the data against “Client field 1” is empty since there is no value in the “Client field 1” field for this contact.  


  1. A template has been added to a document and then a change is made to the template from Admin settings. Will this change reflect in the document?

After a document template is already added to a document, any changes that are being made to the existing template from Admin settings → Document Templates will not be reflected in the document. These changes will only be reflected in any new documents (with this specific template) that would be created going forward. 

  1. The option to “Allow users to edit text” is available only for Rich text and we are unable to edit Two column rich text and Three column rich text in the document after adding the template, why?

Currently, we do not have an option to allow users to edit Two column rich text and Three column rich text. This option is supported only for Rich text. 


  1. What is “Auto-sync products with document”?

The option to auto-sync products with a document helps in automatically updating any changes made on the document to the deal and vice versa. For example, when a product is added to a deal and a document is synced, these products will automatically get added to the document. Similarly, when a product is added in a document it automatically gets added to the deal as well. Apart from the addition of products, any changes made in the existing products, such as quantity would also get synced. 


  • Any products that are already added to a deal will be replaced with the products added to the synced document. 

  • The auto-sync option can be enabled for only one document at a time. 

  • The deal value becomes a read-only field when a deal is synced with a document. 

  1. How can I change the Sales Tax % that gets automatically added in a document?

The Sales Tax % that is configured under Admin settings → CPQ settings gets automatically picked up in the document. If the sales tax has to be changed, it has to be done under admin settings and based on that the tax would be computed for all products added in a particular document. Also, the changes made in Sales Tax will only reflect under the Documents module while creating a new document and not in the Documents Template under Admin settings. 

  1. How can I include today’s date in my document?

We do not have a direct option to insert today’s date in a document. But we do have an alternative solution. We can create a custom date picker field and trigger a workflow which would populate the date relative to “Today” in the field. This custom field can further be added as a placeholder in the document.