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The Left Navigation Bar is the gateway to all the key modules in Freshsales. You can access all the key modules such as Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Deals, Sales Conversations, Reports & Dashboard, and Admin Settings from the left navigation bar. 

The permission to each of the modules and the order of their appearance on the left navigation bar can be configured by Account Administrators. Depending on the nature of the role, an Admin can enable or disable a module. For example, for a Sales Agent, the Marketing Automation module is redundant; while for a Marketer, the Deals module may not be of importance. The Admin can configure the Left Navigation Bar for these roles accordingly and only leave those modules the users need access to.

To configure access to the left nav bar and rearrange the modules,

  1. Go to Admin Settings  > Roles and click Edit for the role for which you would like to effect the changes. This brings up the Manage Roles page.

In this case, let us select the Sales User and make the changes accordingly.

  1. Go to the MANAGE LEFT NAV BAR section. This opens the section where you can configure the left navigation bar. Here’s how you can customize the Left Nav Bar:

NOTE: The modules enabled in Left Navigation Bar are based on the Permissions assigned to the role.

  1. Set your homepage: Choose the page that you want to be displayed first when the user logs into Freshsales. This will be the home page. Clicking on the product logo redirects you to the designated homepage.

    In the case of a Sales User, you can opt to make Deals or Sales Forecast, the homepage. 

  2. Manage the items on the left nav bar: Choose the modules that should be shown or hidden from the user on the left nav bar.

    • Enable/Disable Module: Click the checkbox  to make a module visible. For example, for a Sales Agent you can disable modules such as Reports or Dashboards.

    • Change order of the Module: Use the  slider to move the module up or down the order. For example, for a sales agent, you can choose to bring Inbox to the top of the left nav bar.

    • Aggregate modules into groups: Move relevant modules into a single group to make it easy for access. For example, if your Freshsales instance has multiple custom apps, they can be aggregated into a group. 

      To add a group, click . This brings up the ADD GROUP dialog box. Add a name, choose an icon for the group, and click . This creates a group.

      Use the  slider to drag several modules into a group.

    • Reset to Default: If you want to reverse all the changes made to the left nav bar and restore them to the original layout, click . This restores the order of the modules.

  1. Click  for changes to take effect. Users assigned to the role will start seeing the layout upon refreshing the browser.