Freshsales gives you the option to track the emails sent to your leads or contacts. However, there are scenarios when tracking does not happen. This article elaborates on the scenarios for tracking to not take place and their respective solutions.

Scenario 1:

The domain that you are trying to send an email to is in the excluded domains list. 


Remove the domain from the excluded domains list to start tracking emails.

Scenario 2: 

The email that you sent lands in the spam box of the recipient. 


The email service provider of the recipient should allow mails sent from Freshsales to land in the inbox.

Scenario 3:

Email or Bulk email tracking does not happen all the time.


  • Track opens and clicks option found in Profile icon > Settings is disabled. Enable track opens and clicks to track emails and bulk emails.

  • This may also happen when the Track checkbox is left unchecked while sending out emails or bulk emails.

Scenario 4:

Email gets opened or the link in the email is loaded already by the email server in the recipient's end as it checks for malicious content in the email. This causes a false alarm that the email has been read / link is opened.

Solution: Check with the email service provider of the recipient to ensure emails do not get loaded before they reach the inbox.

Scenario 5:

If the contact is deleted, tracking will not happen.

Solution: From the recycle bin, restore the lead or contact back. Tracking can be seen if the lead has not opened the email before restoration in the CRM.

Note: This is only applicable for the delete option. The forget option in Freshsales is irreversible. The lead should be created again for tracking.