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Freshsales offers four core modules– leads, contacts, accounts, and deals– to create and track your sales process. In addition to these 4 modules, you can also create additional modules, or custom modules, that are relevant to your business process and capture additional information. 

To understand this better, let us consider an example. Consider your company is in the Real Estate space and sells properties to buyers. With custom modules, you can create properties as a separate module and track information specific to a property.

To add a custom module record, say a property, on Freshsales, you will first have to configure the module on the Freshsales web app. Refer this article to configure the module.

Once the module and its fields have been configured, you can go about adding records to the module from your Freshsales mobile app. Here’s how:

  1. On your Freshsales mobile app, click the  icon. This brings up the CUSTOM MODULES slider. 

  2. Click ‘Properties’. This opens the Properties list view.

  3. Click the + button. This brings up the ‘Add Property’ slider.  

  4. Add details related to your property and click  . 

  5. This creates a new Property record on Freshsales.

To access details stored about a property, go to the properties list view and click a property of your choice. It brings up a page where all fields related to the property are present.

To Edit a custom module record, click the pencil icon and update the field values before clicking Save

To Delete a custom module record, click the icon and click Delete. Click Yes on the dialog box to remove the record from Freshsales.