When you sign up for any of our Freshworks suite of products, we ensure a seamless account setup experience by automatically creating a new Organization for you. 

This Organization will have a unique organization URL that looks something like this: domainname.myfreshworks.com assigned to it. Beginners can navigate to the Organization URL to access their accounts by clicking the Freshworks Switcher icon in their accounts.

If, at any point, you wish to change the Organization URL to align with your specific needs, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account and locate the Org Profile section.
  2. Under the Organization details page, click Change Organization URL to initiate the change.
  3. Enter the desired URL in the overlay and save your changes. Please note that the availability of specific URL formats may vary based on our system's requirements.
  4. Once saved, your Organization URL will be updated according to your preference. Ensure that you communicate the new URL to your team members for seamless collaboration.

You can access all the products you have signed up for via this Organization URL, and also, you will be able to manage your security policies and preferences that apply to all your agents and accounts.