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You can assign custom module records to users individually or in bulk. If you are creating a record from the lead/ contact/account/deal landing page, then you are by default the owner and creator of the record. 

However, you can assign it to another user by clicking the owner dropdown and reassign it to a new user.


Re-assigning a record to a user from the landing page:

  1. Click on the name of the custom module record. This brings up the EDIT overlay.

  2. Click the owner dropdown and search for the name of the user to whom you wish to assign the record. Select the name of a user from the suggestions. 

  3. Hit . This reassigns the record to the chosen user. 

Upon reassignment, you will be presented with a success notification.

Bulk assigning leads to a user:

  1. Go to the custom modules page and select the leads you’d like to assign to a user by clicking the checkbox beside their names.

  2. From the bulk actions tray, click the button. This brings up an overlay.

  3. Select the name of the user from the dropdown and click.

Upon reassignment, you will be presented with a success notification detailing the number of records reassigned.