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Integrating Freshmarketer with Freshsales allows you to gain visibility into your leads' activities on your website and emails. It helps you track sales and marketing touchpoints and set up a unified data platform.

To integrate Freshsales with Freshmarketer,

A. Obtain API key from Freshsales

B. Set up the Integration with Freshmarketer

A. Obtain API key from Freshsales: 

  1. Login to your Freshsales account as an Account Administrator, click the Profile icon,  and go to Settings > API settings.

  2. Copy your account’s API Key.

    Note: The API Key must be obtained only from the Account Administrator’s profile

B. Setting up the Integration with Freshmarketer:

  1. On your Freshmarketer account, click the icon to open the Admin settings, and go to Freshsales.  

  2. CONNECT: 
    On the Freshsales integration page, provide your domain name, paste your API Key, and click. This takes you to a page where you configure the nature of sync between your Freshsales and Freshmarketer accounts.
    Once the API key is authenticated, Freshmarketer presents a success notification and displays  Connected beneath the API Key box.

    iChoose the Freshsales entity to be synced with Freshmarketer:

    ii. Choose the Freshmarketer list to which it must be synced.
    iii.  Set the direction of Sync. Choose between a 1- way Sync or a 2- way sync

    iv. Define behavior for when a conflict arises. Set conditions to be executed when the sync is happening for the same contact.

    Advanced settings:
     This handles the Freshsales deleted and email opted out leads/contacts post the sync.

  • Exclude Freshmarketer email opt-outs: When enabled, only contacts subscribed to a list will be synced. This option is enabled by default.

  • Remove opted-out Freshsales leads/contacts: When enabled, only Freshsales Leads/Contacts that have opted-in for emails will be synced with Freshmarketer. Post-sync, when any synced lead/contact opts out of emails in Freshsales, Freshmarketer allows you to choose between unsubscribing the lead/contacts from the list or remove it from Freshmarketer.

  • Remove deleted Freshsales leads/contacts: When enabled, Leads/Contacts which are synced but deleted in Freshsales can either be removed from Freshmarketer completely or unsubscribed from the synced list.

vi. Click . This takes you to a screen where you can map the fields between your Freshsales and Freshmarketer accounts.


  1. FIELD MAPPING: Freshmarketer allows you to sync Default fields and Custom fields with your Freshsales account. Click the dropdown in the Freshsales column to map the fields with corresponding Freshmarketer fields. 

  2. Click . This commences the sync between the two accounts. 



You can check the status of the sync from the Logs.


The sync between Freshsales and Freshmarketer is real-time. Access the Logs section to check the sync history. Once the sync is complete, details of all the entities created, updated, skipped, and failed appear here.

Pause and Disconnect Sync:

You can pause an active(ongoing) sync to make changes to settings or field mappings. Click the to pause the ongoing sync between the two accounts. Till the sync is resumed, no data will be created or updated between the accounts. To resume sync, click thebutton. This allows you to Resume the sync from where it was paused or start all over again.  

If you want the sync to happen for another Freshsales account, you can disconnect the current sync and sync with another account with new domain name and API key.

What happens when a customer marks themself as DND?

When a contact has opted for DND in Freshsales or unsubscribed from Freshmarketer, they will be automatically synced and no further emails will be sent. Marketers will not have an option to override this. Here's how this works:

  • 2-way sync between Freshmarketer and Freshsales: Any changes in the DND or Unsubscribed will be synced automatically. If the contact is marked as DND true in Freshsales, during the next sync they will be marked as Unsubscribed in Freshmarketer. Also, if a contact unsubscribes, they will be marked as DND in Freshsales during the next sync and all outgoing emails to them will be terminated.

  • 1-way sync- Freshsales updates Freshmarketer: Any changes in the DND will be automatically synced in Freshmarketer. But changes in unsubscription status in Freshmarketer will not be synced with Freshsales.

  • 1-way sync - Freshmarketer updates Freshsales: Any changes in the unsubscription status will be automatically synced with DND in Freshsales. But changes in DND in Freshsales status will not be synced with Freshmarketer.