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Connect your email and receive all emails related to your prospects directly into Freshsales. This saves you from having to juggle between your mailbox and the product repeatedly. 


To connect your Microsoft/Office365 email account

  1. Go to Profile Settings and click Connect your email. This opens the Connect email section on the profile settings page.

  2. Select either Outlook or Microsoft 365

When to select Outlook vs Microsoft 365 based on your email ID:

  • Outlook for personal accounts(email ending with,,

  • Microsoft 365 for official accounts

This brings up the CONNECT EMAIL overlay where you can configure your email sync.

  1. Opt between 2-way sync and 1-way  sync and then you will be directed to the Microsoft sign-in page.

    1. 2-way sync (This is the default option): Choosing this option to sync both Incoming and Outgoing emails between the Mailbox and the CRM. This is usually recommended as you can access the entire email thread in both your CRM and the primary mailbox.

    2. 1-way sync: This option is useful when you want to limit the number of emails that are sent to the web application from the mailbox. If you don’t want the automatic sync of all incoming emails related to your contacts, you can opt 1-way sync.
      The incoming emails received in the mailbox will not be synced automatically. You can use your account's bcc email address to push required emails to the CRM

  1. Click Proceed to grant a set of access permissions to your web applications.

  2. Once the email is connected successfully you will the see the below settings

1) Please make sure IMAP is enabled in your Email account settings.
2) If your IT team has restricted IMAP access to your mailbox then you can use Exchange Web Services (EWS) to connect your mailbox. So please make sure EWS is enabled in your mailbox.
3) The web application uses Modern Authentication to connect your mailbox.
4) There may be instances when the email authentication does not go through. Follow these steps to troubleshoot email connectivity issues