Activities dashboard in Freshsales is the one-stop for all your to-dos and scheduled appointments. The page helps you track and stay on top of what sales activities need to be done for today, tomorrow, or even the coming week—and at what time.

What are the different sections of the activities dashboard?

Tasks, appointments and custom sales activities

  1. The main section of the dashboard consists of the tasks, appointments and custom sales activities for the day, sorted in the order of their due dates. You can see who they’re related to, and when they’re due.

  2. You can perform the following actions on each activity:

    1. Mark complete - After you finish a task, mark it as complete and it will disappear from the list

    2. Add outcome - For any activity you can add an outcome based on how the activity went, like  “Interested”, “Not interested”, “Left a voicemail” etc.

    3. Snooze/Reschedule - You can push the sales activity to a later date or time if required

    4. Email the lead/contact - Send an email to the lead or contact

    5. Call the lead/contact - Make a phone call to the lead or contact

    6. Delete the activity - You can delete the sales activity altogether if circumstances have changed and you no longer need to perform the activity

  3. On the top right you can see a “+ Add task” button with multiple options for you to quickly add a task, appointment or any other custom sales activity

Today’s activity summary

In this section, you can see the list of open and completed sales activities of each type:  tasks, appointments, and custom sales activities. Clicking the number associated with an activity type filters out the specific activity type for you to take action.  

Filtering options

If your sales activity list looks too long you can narrow it down by filtering specific records alone. The following filter options are available:

  1. By date: You can change this filter to see tomorrow’s tasks or those of the next 7 or 30 days

  2. Overdue tasks: You can choose to see (or not see) overdue tasks in your list

  3. Completed activities: You can choose to see the list of sales activities you’ve already completed, and add outcomes for them if required

  4. Activity type: You can filter by specific types of activities alone, like “Lunch” or “Birthdays”

Bulk actions

The following bulk options are available to update multiple sales activities in one go:

  1. Mark complete (only for tasks)

  2. Add outcome (for each type of sales activity)

  3. Snooze/Reschedule (for each type of sales activity)

  4. Delete (for each type of sales activity)


  1. You can only bulk-edit 10 sales activities at a time.

  2. You will need to select only one type of activity at a time to see all the bulk actions available for that activity.  For example, select only tasks to see the 4 bulk actions for tasks.