TL; DR version:

For your dropdowns and radio buttons, the choices you once renamed are still part of your historical data. Now you can either restore the older choices or delete them forever. 


To restore choices, take a minute and raise a support ticket here.



Longer version:

How does all this work? 

Let’s say you renamed a few choices in your dropdowns and radio buttons. If you’re currently using these renamed choices in a record (like in a lead), the older choices would have disappeared from the lead, but they were always being stored in the database, as part of your historical data. 


But why this info now?

We are cleaning up Freshsales to make sure you have an optimal experience. This clean-up will remove all your older choices permanently. 


So what options do I have?

Restore the choices: If you don’t want us to remove your older choices, restore them by raising a support ticket.


Clean the data: If we don’t get a response from you (to restore the choices), we’ll take it that the choices are no longer important to you. They’ll automatically be deleted by Sep 20th, 2019. 


If you’d like more details, please reach out to