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Cutting back on the length of your Lead forms helps reduce scrolling through lead fields and encourages agents to fill up the required fields. Freshsales allows you to hide less relevant fields from your forms and show only those that need to be filled.
To hide a field from your form,
1. Go to Admin Settings > Lead/Contact/Account/Deal Module.

2. Click the dropdown on a field and click the button. This presents you with a dialog box asking for confirmation.

3. Click . This hides the field from the form and sends the field to the ADD FIELD tray.

To unhide a field and bring it back to your forms,
1. Click the button. This brings up the ADD FIELD overlay.

2. Find the hidden field from the list of available fields and select the checkbox associated with the field.

3. Click . This unhides the field and brings it back to the lead form.