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Why should I link my Freshsales and Freshcaller account?

From November 2018, the Freshsales Built-in phone is being replaced with Freshcaller. For existing users, Freshcaller can be activated and be used and all phone credits will be transferred to the Freshcaller account. For users who are already using Freshcaller, you can integrate your Freshcaller account with Freshsales and use the same.

Note: Once the migration is made to Freshcaller, users will not be able to revert back to their previous Freshsales phone.

Who will be able to set up this integration?  

  • Role: You should be an account admin or an admin for both your Freshsales and Freshcaller accounts to set up this integration.
  • Email address: Both your accounts should be signed in using the same email address.

How to link the two accounts?

Follow these steps to link your Freshcaller account with your Freshsales account.

  1. Login to your Freshsales account as an Admin.
  2. Under Admin settings, click Freshcaller. This opens the dedicated Freshcaller integrations page.
  3. Click button found under Integrate Freshcaller. This opens a window where you can add your Freshcaller account credentials-
    - Freshcaller domain name
      (Note: if your Freshcaller account is, then domain name is just “acme”)  
    - Email address (needs to be the same one used for Freshsales)
    - Password

  4. Click after filling in the credentials. This will initiate integration between your Freshsales and Freshcaller account.

    Upon integration, you will be presented with a success message. You will also be view the phone icon below the admin settings icon indicating the presence of integration between Freshsales and Freshcaller.


    - To add or remove Freshcaller phone numbers, click on Manage phone numbers. This will redirect you to the Freshcaller account where relevant changes can be made. To get a better idea about managing phone numbers on Freshcaller, refer to this article.
    - To add or remove Freshcaller users, click on Manage phone users. This will redirect you to the Freshcaller account where relevant changes can be made. To get a better idea about user management on Freshcaller, 
    refer to this article.

What can I do with the Freshcaller widget?
The Freshcaller phone replaces the Freshsales built-in phone and brings with it a host of new features. However, users do not have to open a new window. They can use the Freshcaller widget to make phone calls from within Freshsales.    
For other phone related settings such as voicemail messages, call queues etc, the configuration can be done inside Freshcaller. Read more about the same from the 
Freshcaller support page.