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NOTE Starting July 1, 2020, Freshconnect will not be available in the Freshworks Switcher. The widget, however, will be accessible for users across the product.

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What is Freshconnect? How is it useful?
Freshconnect is a collaboration tool from Freshworks that has been developed with the premise of “collaborate with context”. It is a central tool that allows teams and users to collaborate on deals without having to leave the Freshsales application.

How does it work?

Consider an example: 

You are running a discount campaign on your product. A customer reaches out to you with an issue that his coupon code has failed to apply on his invoice. To solve this issue, you have to enlist the help of someone from the support team and the billing team. 

In practice, all discussions related to such an issue would done either through email or calls. But with Freshconnect, all such discussions can be held in a single window— and with context. 

How to use Freshconnect to initiate a discussion on Freshsales?
Let’s take the example mentioned above and see how to use Freshconnect in this scenario.

  1. On your deal landing page, click the  button. This button opens up the Freshconnect pane inside Freshsales.
  2. Use the chat pane to invite a user to the discussion. This can be done by using ‘@mention’.
    Invite Rob from your team and Roy from the support team. Both Rob and Roy use Freshworks products and are therefore ‘Users’ in Freshconnect. Now, to invite Max, the guy from the billing team, use his email and send out an invite. Max does not use any of the Freshworks products. But he can still join the conversation as a ‘Collaborator.’

  3. The invited users will receive notification on Freshsales to join the conversation.
    In this case, both Rob and Roy receive invite within Freshsales and Freshdesk respectively.

    Rob's Notification (On Freshsales):

    Max, who is an external collaborator, receives an email requesting him to join the conversation.


How do I join a discussion?

  • Users:
    Whenever a user accepts an invite from the Freshsales notifications bar, the related deals page will be opened on Freshsales along with the Freshconnect chat pane. All relevant deal information can be accessed from the deal landing page. However, Freshdesk users will be access the deal only on the Freshconnect landing page.

    Note: Users will receive notifications from Freshconnect only in one of three scenarios:

    1. When the user is invited to a discussion

    2. When the user's message is replied to

    3. When the user is tagged using the ‘@mention’ in the middle of a conversation

  • Collaborators:
    The Freshconnect page has a feed that lists all discussions that a user is involved in. Clicking a discussion opens the chat box and the context pane. The context pane holds relevant deal information. This is to help collaborators gain perspective of the deal before they engage in the discussion.

*Sprout customers will not be able to use Freshconnect from within Freshsales. They can, however, use the Freshconnect product from their dedicated Freshconnect accounts.

Unable to see the discuss button on your deal page??
We are still in the process of migrating this feature for our entire customer base. However, we are doing it on demand for anybody who writes to us. If you don’t have the feature yet and want to get it enabled for your account, go ahead and give us your details on this