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Despite the presence of CRM integration with gmail, Sales teams across the globe still rely heavily on Gmail to connect with prospects and are also likely to use Chrome.
However, with the Freshsales Chrome Extension, you can now access information about your Freshsales Leads/Contacts inside your Gmail.

Relevant information such as sales history, recent activities, notes, tasks and associated deals will all be visible on the sidebar. This will help you get a better overview about your prospects before sending them an email.

Here’s how you can do the same:


Chrome web store > Search "Freshsales" > Add to Chrome > Log In to Gmail > Fill CRM domain name > Proceed


Detailed Steps:

  1. Go to the Chrome Web Store to find the Freshsales Chrome Extension for Gmail. Click on the button to install the extension on your browser.

    Upon completion of the installation you can a view a notification of the installation and will also see a freshsales logo in top right corner of the Chrome menu beside the URL bar.

  1. After installation of the Chrome extension, Log in to your Gmail account. You will be presented with a sidebar that requests you to provide your Freshsales domain.

  2. Enter the Freshsales CRM domain name and click on Proceed. This will take you to a tab where you will have to sign in with your Gmail Id.

  3. You can Log in to your Freshsales with either your Freshworks ID or using your Google SSO (Single Sign-On).

    Upon Login, get back to your Gmail tab and find the Freshsales extension signed-in.

        Note: If there is an issue with the Login, refresh the Gmail tab once and you will be logged in.

What can I learn about my lead/contact from the extension?

You can gather information about your lead/contact from the extension. This is helpful for sales teams who need quick information about the lead before sending an email.

What can I do with the Chrome extension?

The chrome extension offers you with a variety of functionalities such as adding new leads, getting relevant information about your leads, searching for existing leads or contacts, and upcoming tasks and appointments scheduled for the day.

i) Create a new lead/contact:

  1. Open an email from the prospect you would like to add as a lead/contact.

  2. Your extension will present you with an option to add the prospect as a lead/contact to your Freshsales account.

ii) To know more about a lead/contact:

  1. Whenever you search for a prospect on your gmail, the Freshsales extension will automatically pull up any information about the lead that is present in the CRM. This allows you to learn about the lead from without having to leave Gmail.

iii) Send an email to your lead: 

  1. Click on the Mail button. It opens up a new email popup that allows you to compose a new email to your lead/contact.