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How is it useful?

Keeping your CRM updated requires a lot of manual effort. With workflows, you can automate some of these activities like updating the status of a deal when it progresses up the pipeline or assigning a pre sales contact when a Contact’s status is moved to the Demo stage and so on.

Let’s see how to setup a workflow to update a field’s property.

Say you have a 

Scenario: When a lead’s last activity is more than 30 days ago, change Lead stage to Inactive. 

How to modify field property using workflows?

  1. Log in as an Admin > Admin Settings > Workflows > New Workflow.

  1. Add a, 

           Name: Update lead stage to Inactive.

           Description: When a lead is not contacted for more than a month, mark him as 

           an inactive lead.


  1. Choose the Record type: Lead.

  1. Configure your Workflow’s, 

           Execution trigger: Once when it’s created or updated

           Conditions: Lead Property > Last contacted time > is greater than > 30 days


  1. Now choose an action from the drop-down.

           Action: Update Lead > Lead stage > Inactive

       6. Either Save & Start the workflow immediately or just Save it for now and activate it later.