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How is this useful?

For every sales team, a day at work would involve following up with a handful of prospects, scheduling calls with them, finalizing on price quotes, sending reminder emails and so on. 

Automatically create tasks to get reminders on the same. 

Also, set up due dates for ones that don’t need immediate action. 

In Freshsales, you can set due dates relative to the workflow execution date, Created at, Updated at or any custom date fields too. 

This will help you avoid missing opportunities or delayed responses to interested prospects.

Who could possibly configure this? 

Admin of a Freshsales account

How to create a task using Workflows?

Let’s take a real case business scenario where 

Scenario: When the Expected close date of a high-value deal is nearing, a task reminding the sales rep to follow up is created automatically. 

  1. Log in as an Admin > Admin Settings > Workflows > New Workflow.

  1. Add a, 

           Name: Follow up task - Deal nearing Expected close date.

           Description: 5 days before the Expected close date set a follow-up task for the  

                                 sales rep.              

  1. Choose the Record type: Deal.

  1. Configure your Workflow’s, 

           Execution trigger: Multiple times when it’s created or updated


           a. Deal Property > Expected close date > is in > 5 days


           b. Deal Property > Deal value > is greater than > 1000

  1. Now choose the an action from the drop-down.

           Action: Create task 

  1. In the Add task overlay that comes up, add a 

           Title: Close date nearing - Buck up! Your deal needs you now. 

           Due Date: 1 day > after > execution of workflow                  

           Note: Only if the due date has a value(not empty), the task will be created.

       7. Enter the task’s 

           Description: This being a high-value deal, follow up with the Contact and get the 

           final quote.

  1. You can change the Owner of the task. By default, it’s pre filled with Record Owner.

  1. Apart from the Owner if you want to involve other users, add them as Collaborators. You can also assign a task to teams. In such a scenario, all users of the team will be assigned the task.

  1. Hit Save.

  1. Either Save & Start the workflow immediately or just Save it for now and activate it later.

Now, for every deal whose close date is due in 5 days, a task is automatically created and assigned to the Owner and visible to the collaborators if any.

How will the task’s assignees be notified?

When a task is created, the Owner and Collaborators get notified via

  1. The red alert notification(in-web) inside Freshsales.

  2. An email sent to their individual email addresses.