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Why do you need a dashboard?

Every sales manager would love to have an at-a-glance view of a set of reports that they use often. One optimal solution to help them 

  • derive insights

  • follow up on the team’s performance 

  • make important, timely decisions with ease about their team, revenue, prospects and a lot more 

is a dashboard.

Even as a sales rep, you can assess your prospects, your progress for the month(win rate) and much more with ease using the dashboard view.

A. What are the out-of-box dashboards available by default?

Freshsales provides two default dashboard views 

(i) Sales dashboard 

(ii) Lead Generation dashboard

  1. By default, you’ll see the sales dashboard with the following reports in it

  • Deal Conversion - This Month

  • Sales Velocity Report 

  • Sales Trend - Last 90 days

  • Expected Sales - This Month

  • Sales This Month

  • New Business vs Upgrades


    2. And the Lead Generation dashboard has these reports:

  • Leads generated this month

  • Leads converted this month

  • Leads converted - by territory

  • Leads converted - by source

  • Leads converted - by owner

  • Lead Velocity Report


    3. You can either edit the existing dashboard by replacing the reports with  

        ones that are most relevant to you. Or you can create one from scratch.

B. How to customize your dashboard?

Customizing dashboard details:

1. Edit:

  • Click the edit icon next to the My dashboards drop-down.

  •  Edit the dashboard’s name and visibility in the pop up that appears.

2. Delete:  

  • You can delete an entire dashboard by clicking the delete icon.

  • Confirm and click Yes to successfully delete the dashboard.

3. Change your view:

    You can shift between different dashboards by using the My  

    Dashboards drop-down.

Customizing report details:

1. Edit:

  • Hover over any report to find the edit icon. 

  • You can edit the metrics you want to see or even replace it with another report in total.

2. Delete: If any report of the dashboard gets obsolete, you can just 

        remove it.

3. Zoom:

  • Zoom into each report by clicking the zoom icon on the top right 

            corner of the report or the View more link.

  • In this view, you can switch between the graph or the tabular data.

  • By clicking the Go to report icon(right next to the close symbol), you can go to your reports tab.

 How do I share my dashboard with my team?

  1. Change visibility:

  • By editing the dashboard, you can choose to make it visible to everyone in your team or keep it private to you.


       2. Schedule:

  • Click the dropdown button next to the Create Dashboard button.

  • Click the schedule dashboard option.

  • The schedule dashboard overlay slides in. Now, fill in the required details.

  • The fields are pre-filled with default information. You can edit any field's value if needed.

    3.  Export:

  • Your dashboard’s reports can be downloaded as a pdf. 

  • Just click the Export as pdf from the drop-down.


You’ll receive the following email:

Can I add reports into an existing dashboard from the reports section?


Click the Add to Dashboard drop down near the Chart section of the report to do so.


  • The dashboard’s reports don’t fetch real-time data. You can expect a lag of 30-40 mins for your reports to refresh and show the latest information.

  • Only reports that are visible to all can be accessed in shared dashboards.