In Freshsales, users can share their reports and dashboards with internal teams using the share option.  


QUICK STEPS: > Share Report > Visible to > Save

Detailed Steps:

  1. On the reports list page, click the button associated with your report.

    This button can also be found inside the report view page.

    To share a dashboard, click the button associated with the dashboard and chose the Share dashboard option from the dropdown.

  2. Click the Share icon. You will be presented with a dialog box that allows you to determine who can access your reports.

  3. Click the Visible to dropdown to select visibility of your report. You can opt between one of the following options:

    - Only Me (Default option): This makes the report private and will ensure that the report can be accessed only by you.

    - Everyone: This makes the report visible to all users in the Freshsales account.

    - Selected Users/Teams/Territories: Selecting this option will allow you to share your report with specific Users/Teams/Territories.

  4. Click Save. The reports will now be shared with respective users. The users with whom the report is shared will receive a notification. 

Note: For users with no access to the reports feature, no report, including public reports can be opened.