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Why is it needed?


Emails talking about general updates on feature releases, newsletters, blog promotions, etc which are not specific to a customer, might not be of much interest to the recipient. That’s when an email is treated as spam. And, according to the CAN-SPAM act, sending emails to a person who has opted to unsubscribe from your email is a down-right violation. To accommodate such cases, it’s important that every time you send a bulk email you include an option for the customer to unsubscribe out of it. And, the next time you try sending an email to that customer, it should automatically be prevented by your system.


How to keep spam rates minimum with Freshsales?


Freshsales gives you an option to include a link at the end of your emails. 


To do so,

  1. Login to Freshsales

  2. Go to the leads list view page > Bulk Email

  3. Draft you mail content in the compose window.

  4. Click the options button next to the Track checkbox.

  5. The following options appear,

            - Link conversation to lead

            - Add unsubscribe link 

      6.   Enable the unsubscribe checkbox to embed a link in the email. 



7.  Hit Send, once it’s all set and final.

8.  Every email sent from this thread will carry the unsubscribe link.


9.  Once you click unsubscribe, a status message appears. 



10.  Also, the respective lead or contact is marked as Do Not Disturb.



How are unsubscribe requests handled?


You need not worry about spamming your important customers anymore. This is one of the best practices to follow while sending generic emails to customers.  


The next time you try sending a

  • Bulk email and the list has the unsubscribed leads or contacts(whose DND tag is enabled), FreshSales automatically excludes them from the list of recipients. 

  • Email to an individual lead/contact(whose DND tag is enabled), an error message pops up.




This way FreshSales keeps a check on your spam rates!