Using Freshsales data import feature, you can import all your Insightly data to Freshsales in a single click. This feature is built for XML files from Insightly and not CSV files.

We import the following XML files -

  •   Leads
  •   Contacts
  •   Organizations (Account)
  •   Opportunities (Deals)
  •   Comments (Notes)
  •   Tasks

Mapping: The mapping used to import your data is a static mapping. Only default fields can be mapped from Insightly as the custom fields are not recognizable in Insightly XML files.

Limits: The maximum limit on the number of records for the instantaneous import is 25000 records. If the number of records are more than 25000 records, we create a request ticket and import data in off peak hours. This generally takes 1-2 business days.

Below are the easy steps to migrate the data -

a) Configure Freshsales before import:

Add Users: Add users in Freshsales before you initiate the import so that records can have owners associated properly. Go to Admin Settings > Users > Add user. Fill in the details asked for to create new users. Give the exact name of the user as in your Insightly  files so as to associate the owners to the records correctly.

b) Prepare the Zip file
Export your complete Imsightly data as a ZIP file. This zip file is used to import the data in Freshsales. Do not change any headers or file names present in the ZIP file.

c) Import the file
You are set to start the import now. Follow the below steps to complete the process.

1. Go to Admin Settings > Data Import to import the data.

2. Click on Other CRM Migration icon. Select Insightly as source CRM. Check the checkboxes for creating user and custom fields once you have completed Step a) Configure Freshsales before import as mentioned above. Upload the ZIP file prepared in Step b) above.

3. Click on Import button. The import starts instantaneously and generally takes 5 mins to 1 hr based on the number of records. The maximum limit on the number of records in this import is 25000 records. If the number of records are more than 25000 records, we create a request ticket and import data in off peak time. This generally takes 1-2 business days.

4. After the fields are mapped, click on the import button to start the process. Once the import is completed, a status email is sent to you.

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 3.50.33 PM.png

This email contains a summary of the records imported, updated and failed. In addition to the summary, a detailed error log file is attached with the records which failed with Error message appended as the last column. The types of errors and their fix are detailed in the next section below.

d) Fix the errors and reimport
The status email gives you detailed errors for each record. Below is the list of errors and how you can fix them. Fix these errors in the error file itself, remove the last Error message column and reimport.



How to fix

Last name can't be blank, Company name can’t be blank

Deal name can’t be blank

(this error can occur for mandatory custom fields as well)

Mandatory information is missing

  1. Populate correct mandatory information 

  2. Populate email addresses in last name or dummy account in account column for import to succeed.

Account does not exist,

Parent Record can’t be blank

Records in deal xml file has value in account column which does not exist in Freshsales (account does not exist in Freshsales to get associated to deal to be imported)

Import the accounts not present in Deal file (Account column) using Account xml import first. 

Invalid Deal Value

Deal value column has values with , or currency appended 

Deal value should be numeric only. Remove commas, and currency symbols from data values. Choose the currency in CRM settings to reflect properly in Freshsales

Owner Field is associated properly

Owner column value is not present in Freshsales

These users should be present in Freshsales to be associated else the owner value will be current user

Parent Record can’t be blank

Targetable not found

Related to field in Task, Appointments, call log, notes is not present in Freshsales/XML files

Make sure the Relate to record is present in xml file or Freshsales to be imported