Being informed about who visits your website or if a particular content is clicked, helps you know what has to be improved on your website. Also, many a times your users might not be making the best use of all the features you provide. In addition to capturing  leads from web forms, Smartforms (formerly Autotrack) also gives you a picture of the most used features of your app and send out mails guiding the users to try out the ones they are missing out on. Data related to every user is visible under the lead's activity timeline which helps you send out customised mails based on each user's activity.

Track visitor activities on your website - like downloading a whitepaper, clicking on the follow buttons of social profiles’ as events in Freshsales.

To track such activities in your website, follow the steps mentioned below:

1.Identify the specific call to action buttons that you’d like to be notified about.
2.Use the below snippet to call the 'trackEvent' method: 

3. Mention the name of your event and push it live using the above snippet.

    Ex: In the above snippet, name of the event is: 'Subscribed Newsletter'

4. To track better, also include additional properties of the event.
    Ex: Properties can be the creator of the event, date of initiation, country targeted, etc. 

    In the above example, the email to which the news letter is sent is pushed as an additional property.

For Ex: Lets see how our internal sales team uses Freshsales Events

Say a signup happened in Freshsales. The user has started using the product and exploring various features. 
His Activity timeline in the lead page

By tracking his activities in the product, we notice that 

  1. He has Activated his account, and enabled Phone feature 
  2. Lead stages, Territory and lead scores are configured. 
  3.  He has invited 25 other team members

So, his data clearly shows he has missed out on connecting his email with Freshsales. Knowing this, we send out emails to the user guiding him to connect his email so that he can now reply to his emails from Freshsales itself. 

This is how our sales team uses the lead's events pushed to his activity timeline.

This is just one such instance, depending on the domain of your company and the purpose of your tracking, you can track different events.

How do I update lead fields with data from your website?

Freshsales allows you to update your lead fields based on the lead's interaction with your website.

Say you have a contact form in your website to collect the lead's phone number, use our Identify method to directly update your corresponding lead with the phone number entered in the website.

  1. Create the lead using our identify method.
  2. Update the lead property using the set method. The identifier pushed in the above call is used to find the matching lead

For further details refer our developer tutorial.