With the Google apps integration, sign into your Freshsales account directly from your gmail.

You can integrate your Google Apps account with the product only if you're the Account Admin for both. Freshsales is available as a separate app in the Google Marketplace.

Here's how you integrate Freshsales with your Google Apps account:

1. Log into admin.google.com or download the app from the Chrome Webstore.

            Note: You have to be an Account Admin for both Google Apps and Freshsales to have access.

2. Click Manage Marketplace Apps. All apps that you've added will be listed.

3. Search for Freshsales. Install the app and grant Freshsales access to some of your domain data.


4. After installing, go to the app's settings in the marketplace. Click the Launch app button.

5. A screen asking you to enter your Freshsales credentials to authenticate yourself is displayed. (If you have a custom domain, you can enter your original Freshsales URL here.)

6. Finally, you (and everyone else with an account in your Google Apps domain) can sign into Freshsales easily.