Applicable plans
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Every registered user of Freshsales can send API requests using their unique API key or their respective email address and password.

Once they send the API request, the response status code shows the status of the request. 


However, there are certain limits to control the number of API requests sent from an account.


       Below are a few points to be noted regarding the limit for a Freshsales account:

  • Limit: The limit is calculated as requests per hour per account. Please find the plan wise limit in the table below.
  • Indicator: If the limit is reached, your response status code reads 429 (Too many requests)
  • This limit is on account level. It is irrespective of number of users.
  • For all the activities performed through API requests, this limit is applicable.
  • Contact our support portal for any further queries.

API Access limitSproutBlossomGardenEstateForest