Notes are a great way to add details about a lead or a contact, that could come in handy when you connect with them in the future. If your prospect asks for an infographic during your demo, you can have it jotted down as a note. That way, even when the lead is assigned to another sales rep, they’d know about the infographic from the note under that lead.

Here's how you do it,

  1. Select the lead (or a contact) that you'd like to add a note to, from the Leads (or Contacts) list view page.
  2. Click Notes and type your note in the space provided.
  3. Click Done to add the note.

Where can you access your notes in Freshsales?
1. Details page of Lead/Contact: The note can be found under Notes section in the details page of the respective lead or contact. 
2. List view of Lead/Contact: Your most recent note of the respective lead/contact is displayed in the list view. 

                                                You need to edit to change one of the columns to Recent notes

3. You can may add notes when you log a call. Learn more about call logging.