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When your sales email address is dedicated for customer engagement and lead generation, receiving malicious and promotional emails from undesirable sources, could prove to be a problem. Domain exclusion becomes a pressing need when there is a spike in the amount of junk leads created from certain domains. 

That is why Freshsales introduced domain exclusion - to help you prune the list of emails that are received in your sales inbox thereby refining the quality of leads generated.

To exclude email domains, 

  1. Login to Freshsales as an Administrator. 
  2. Go to Admin Settings > Email and Phone > Email Settings
  3. Under Excluded domains, type the domains that you’d like to stop receiving emails from such as and hit return or the enter key. 
  4. Click Save

Note: Freshsales excludes your email client’s domain by default to avoid fetching emails from your peers and adding them as leads.

You can learn about capturing leads via email in How to convert your sales emails into leads.