You can sync all the events in your Google Calendar as appointments in Freshsales. It’s a two-way sync, so the appointments you create in Freshsales will also be added as events to your Google Calendar.

Here’s how you do it,

  1. If you haven’t connected your Gmail address to your Freshsales account via IMAP yet, connect it by clicking your Profile picture and selecting Connect your email.

  2. Hit Sign-in with Google. You’d be directed to Gmail’s sign-in page.
  3. Choose the Gmail account you’d like to connect with Freshsales and provide the necessary access permissions. After your email account has been successfully connected, you’d be able to sync your calendar to Freshsales next.
  4. In the Calendar drop down, you can find all the calendars associated with your Gmail account. Select the calendar you want synced to your appointments in Freshsales.
  5. If you do not want to sync your calendar, simply select Do not sync from the drop down.

  6. Once you’re done, click Save to begin the calendar sync. You can view your synced calendar events in the details page of the individual lead or contact and also from the My Appointments & Tasks tab.

Alternatively, if you have Admin privileges, you can sync your Google Calendar from Admin Settings > Integrations > Third party integrations > Google Calendar.

If you’d like to remove your Google Calendar from your Freshsales account to stop syncing events as appointments, 

  1. Click your Profile picture and select Connect your email. Click Remove and in the dialog box that appears, hit Yes to confirm.
  2. You can reconnect your Gmail address by repeating the steps 1-3 and by selecting Do not sync in the Calendar drop down. Hit Save when you’re done.


Before you sync your calendar make sure that your Google calendar’s visibility is Calendar default