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Lead Score does not rank only your leads, it also ranks your Contacts. The best part about this is that you don’t have to set different lead scoring rules for contacts. 

If you’ve set lead scoring rules for leads, they apply to contacts as well. However, there are two special cases (during lead conversion) when the lead scoring rules for contacts change from the rules for leads. They are: 

When you’ve set rules for these lead fields- Lead stages, Unqualified Reason and Territory. This is because these lead fields cannot be carried forward during lead conversion so the data in these fields is lost.

When you’ve created lead property rules for custom fields and haven’t mapped those fields with the custom fields of contacts, accounts and deals during lead conversion. Learn more about lead field mapping.

Lead scoring is not just for Saas businesses. Companies of any business and size can implement lead scoring and start spending more time in conversation with their most promising leads. Learn about configuring lead scores for a non SaaS business.