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The best way to get your emails inside Freshsales would be to connect your mailbox (via IMAP) under profile settings. But, if you’ve got an email address that receives a high volume of emails (Contact Us email address ) and want to bring these emails into Freshsales, you can simply auto forward them to your Freshsales email address. 

Here’s how you can do them:


Profile Picture > Settings > Email Settings > Copy Forwarding email address > Paste where required  



  1. Head to the right corner of your Freshsales page and click on the Profile picture. This opens up the Profile settings menu.

  2. Click on Settings. This opens up the Personal Settings page.

  3. Under Personal Settings, head to the Email settings. Here, you will be presented with a host of features to configure your email preferences.

  4. Head to the row titled “FORWARD YOUR EMAILS TO”. Here, you’ll find a text field filled with an email address that follows the format
    Every account in Freshsales is provided with such an email address which is unique to the account. The emails that are forwarded to this address, are matched with the email addresses of leads and contacts in the system. If a match is found, the email gets associated with the respective record. When matches aren’t found in the system, the email addresses automatically become new leads.

  5. Click on the Copy button. This copies the email address. Paste this email address under Bcc or recipient for any email that you are composing and send the email.  

If you’d like to receive all your emails in Freshsales, you can simply auto forward your emails from your email account to this Freshsales email address. 

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