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In Freshsales, you can track if links in the emails that you send have been clicked, by whom and also the number of times they’ve been clicked.

Here’s how you do it,

  1. Click your profile picture, go to Settings > Email Settings.
  2. In the Email Settings page, select the 'Track opens and clicks' checkbox under Email Tracking.
  3. When you send emails, you can include links by clicking the Add link icon in the New Email overlay. 
  4. Hit Send when you’re done.
  5. To know if the links have been clicked, go to Conversations > Email Activities > Clicks. You’d find a list of all the emails (with links attached) sent from Freshsales that have been clicked by the recipients from the tag clicked on them.
  6. You can hover on the tag to know the date, time and the email address of the recipient who clicked the link(s) in the email.
  7. Alternatively, you can visit the details page of a lead or a contact and find the emails with links that have been clicked under Recent Conversations and also under Recent Activities.

Learn more about adding links to an email.