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When you connect with leads and contacts over email, it isn’t wrong to expect them to reply promptly. But how would you know if the emails have been received, let alone read by them? You don’t have to comb your inbox to find the people who’ve responded to your emails anymore. In Freshsales, there’s an easy fix - email tracking. When you track your emails, you’d know if and when they’ve been read and also know if the emails weren’t delivered.

To check if your emails have been read,

  1. Go to Conversations > Email Activities > Opens. You’d find a list of all the emails sent from Freshsales that have been read by the recipients from the tag opened on them.
  2. You can hover on the tag to know the date, time and the email address of the recipient who read the email.
  3. Alternatively, you can visit the details page of a lead or a contact and find the opened emails under Recent Conversations and also under Recent Activities.

Apart from the tag opened, you can find tags like clicked and bounced on emails. This is for you to know if the links in your emails have been clicked by your recipients or if they weren't delivered. 

Similarly, you will also receive a notification on your Freshsales mobile app whenever an email is opened by the recipient. You can find tags attached to the emails. If an email was opened, you will find the opened tag associated with the email. You can also get a drill down view by opening the thread and find the status of individual emails in the thread.   

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