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When you add a contact and enter the Company Name, the contact is instantly associated with an account with the same company name. The contact is linked to that account and is featured as the account’s related contact. If an account is not associated, then only a contact is created.

You can associate a contact to an account,

  1. Via Import
  2. During lead conversion
  3. From the Add/Edit Contact form

Via Import

When you import contacts from a .CSV file, if the file has a column with the company names of all the contacts, accounts are created for the same and the contacts are associated with their respective accounts. If an account with the same company name exists in Freshsales, a new account isn’t created and the contact is simply linked to the existing account. Learn more about importing contacts.

During lead conversion

When a qualified lead is converted to a contact, the company of the lead is searched for matching accounts and the contact is associated with the account found. If a match isn’t found, a new account is created and the contact gets associated to the Account created. 

From the Add/Edit contact form

When you add a new contact or when you edit an existing contact’s information, in the Add Contact or Edit Contact overlay, enter the company name to have the contact associated with an account with the same name.