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The activities timeline is a section in the lead details page that lists all the interactions the lead has had with your website, web app, and even with your sales reps. You can filter these activities to view a record of specific activities. So when you’d like to follow up on a lead, a quick glimpse at the lead’s activities timeline would help you understand the engagement level of the lead from the emails received, pages viewed, demo requested, webinars attended, appointments made etc.

To view a lead’s activities timeline,

  1. Click a lead to access the lead’s details page and scroll down to Recent Activities. The last five recent activities are displayed here.
  2. If you’d like to view all the activities, click View All.
  3. You can filter the activities based on their type and also by time periods using the date picker.

Say you’d like to know the lead’s progress, you can select the filter Lifecycle events, to know when the lead was created, when the lead was assigned, who it was assigned to and changes in the lead’s stage.

Types of Activities listed in the Timeline

  • Website Visits - This filter displays all the pages (for which you've configured lead scores) viewed by your lead on your website.
  • Events - It lists all the call-to-action buttons that your lead responded to on your website and app. For eg : Webinar registration, Subscription Upgrade, Disabling an integration etc.
  • Emails - To find all the emails sent to and received from the lead. You can also find the email status - opened, clicked, bounced as tags next to the email.
  • Phone calls - It shows you all the calls made to and received from the lead. Inclusive of voicemails.
  • Appointments - Use this filter to view all the appointments where the lead is an attendee.
  • Tasks - This filter shows you all the tasks that are related to the lead.
  • Lifecycle events - It displays the progress of your lead by listing the changes in the lead’s stage, owner,  when the lead was converted to a contact etc.

Website visits, events and status of emails are not available in Sprout and Blossom.