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Freshsales lets you convert leads and add deals for them in one single overlay, saving you the trouble of having to create deals for the newly converted contacts separately. 

To create a deal, 

  1. Go to the details page of the lead you’d like to convert.
  2. Click the Convert button.
  3. In the Convert Lead overlay, you’d find the  Last Name pre-filled. If the First name, Email and Company Name is present, these fields are pre-filled too. If the fields are empty, enter the appropriate data. Keep in mind that the all the required fields of contact, account, and deal are mandatory to convert and create a deal. These required fields will be listed in the lead convert overlay for the sales agent to fill in a single view and create records with mandatory information.
  4. To create a deal, select the create a deal for the contact checkbox.
  5. Give a name for the deal in Deal Name.
  6. Enter the Deal value (in dollars).
  7. Choose the pipeline to which the deal has to be added from the Deal Pipeline drop-down.
  8. Provide the Expected close date for the deal using the date picker.
  9. Choose the Deal stage from the drop down. You can add custom stages in addition to the stages listed in the drop down.
  10. Click Convert when you’re done.

You can find the newly created deal on the details page of the contact and the account associated with the deal (if any), and also in the Deals list view page.